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VW 16" Syncro single-cab register

Sika, Pritschenwagen

Extremly rare Syncro 16" singlecab there´s only 33 ever made.

Last updated 2017-05-16

Are you a proud owner of an original 16" single-cab?

 Please mail me some information aboute your car and some pictures.


This must be one of the rarest standard factory car that vw ever have made.

Here we try to find all the survivors.

If you have any more pictures or some more information on the cars on pictures  or others i will be glad if you mail me.

Some could be fake to please let me know.

They where all made in Austria on Steyr-Puch fabric i Graz.

Only sold new in Europe.

The market was not big for this expensive car.

Customers was Telecom, Electrical, Fire department and Ambulance company.


The 16" wheel version differs from the 14" wheel in a lot of details.

The 16" version was made for heavy duty use.

There where made over 43000 14"

Only 2138 was 16" and only 33 of them was Single-cab made between 1988-92


First they have 16" wheels with 1" longer rear swinging arms for the biger wheels that give higher clearance.

They have wider wheel arches "cuted like this to fit" the bigger wheels with fender flares made in polyurethane.

The rear half-axles  is thicker, longer and have bigger flange-diameter (108 instead of 100 mm).

Front CV joints in front have protection.

Special cyclone air filter that prevent the dust to get to the air filter.

The filling of the visco-coupling is different.

The 16'' package have bigger rear brakes from the VW LT 3,5t light-truck.

Front brakes have bigger 280mm disks

 Factory tire size was 195 R 16,  205 R 16 or 7.00 x 16.

Have rear difflock as standard.




Chassis Number





Sold new

Car is now in
LHD wv2zzz24z##027346     16 syncro single cab sold in Italy JX Diesel Italy  Italy 
LHD wv2zzz24z##000066   

sika 16" vw syncro DJ 112 hp Germany Germany


wv2zzz24z##002317   vw-tristar.com

SR 95 hp CH Sweden
LHD wv2zzz24z##002927 L20B   16" syncro single-cab www.vw-tristar.com DJ 112 hp Finland Finland


wv2zzz24z##002841     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab   Sveden Junkyard since 2003




wv2zzz24z##029794     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab DJ 112 hp Norway Norway
LHD wv2zzz24z##011945     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab MV95hp Sweden Sweden
LHD wv2zzz24z##013954  

vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab DJ 112 hp Germany Sweden now in Germany
LHD wv2zzz24z##045824     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab DJ 112 hp Sweden Sweden
LHD wv2zzz24z##120263     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab Diesel Sweden Germany
LHD wv2zzz24z##002329     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab Diesel Germany Germany
LHD wv2zzz24z##056409 L90D   vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab Diesel Austria Austria
LHD wv2zzz24z##099838     www.vw-tristar.com DJ 112 hp Sweden Sweden
LHD wv2zzz24z##001062 L90D   Diesel Belgium France
LHD wv2zzz24z##012657     Diesel JX TD Germany Canada
LHD wv2zzz24z##018414     vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab TD Finland Finland now in Germany
LHD       syncro single cab tristar.com TD Norway Norway
LHD wv2zzz24z##125233     Diesel JX TD Nederlands Netherlands
LHD wv2zzz24z##121609     Dj 112 hp Germany Austria
LHD wv2zzz24z##072148     16 " vw syncro single cab DJ 112 hp Sweden Sweden
LHD wv2zzz24##     Diesel Austria Germany
LHD  wv2zzz24##        Germany  Germany 
LHD  wv2zzz24##090903      vw sika 16" single cab  Diesel    Netherlands 
LHD  wv24zzz24##292822     syncro single-cab vw 16  Diesel    Netherlands 
LHD   White       Austria Austria
LHD       vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab     Austria
LHD wv2zzz24z##011088         Germany
LHD           Netherlands


Do you know anything aboute any of this car please mail me.

 Some could be fake please let me know.

        vw-tristar.com 16" enkelhytt, sika,singlecab      
        www.vw-tristar.com     Germany