Super rare black TriStar year 1990 Turbo Diesel

Here is all 12 known black VW TriStar in hole world.

This car is from north of Sweden where they donīt use salt on roads in wintertime.

Soo this TriStar is in much better condition then most of the others.

It have originalpaint on hole car apart from right rear side, there is an old repaint.

We have now cleaned and look over this car, and it runs really good.

I would say that this car is ready for use even if we only have drive this car less the 20km it fell very good.

It,s 28 years old and an workcar soo ofcourse it need little love.

One bad thing is that the cargodoors lock donīt work, soo we couldīt open them.

The car have same key to all locks soo we donīt want to drill out the locks to the cargo doors, with luck and some lubricant they can be saved.

Less then 1000 2wd TriStar was ever made, and black is an super rare color on TriStar and today are only 12 known in whole world.


Price 12500 Euro